The prominent Indian lawyer and politician Abhishek Singhvi celebrated his 61st birthday on 24th February this year. Singhvi who is one of India’s top five lawyers is also a defensive politician of the Congress party.

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Abhishek Singhvi Biography

Abhishek Singhvi’s biography cannot be written without mentioning his father Laxmi Mall Singhvi who was the High Commissioner of India to the UK from 1991 to 1997. His mother’s name is Kamla Singhvi. He was born in a Marwari family at Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Singhvi did his schooling from St. Columba’s, one of the prestigious institution in Delhi with alumni including three Rhodes Scholars, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a Forbes 30 Under-30 awardee. He obtained his BA (Hons) from University of Delhi, MA and PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge and PIL from Harvard University. He completed his PhD under the constitutional lawyer William Wade, a British academic lawyer, best known for his work on the law of real property and administrative law. The topic of his doctoral dissertation at Cambridge University was on Emergency Powers.

Singhvi has emerged as an eminent personality in the India Political Scenario within a short period in his career. He belongs to the Indian National Congress and is currently Member of the Parliament of India representing West Bengal in Rajya Sabha. Singhvi is married to ghazal and Sufi singer Anita Singhvi and they have two sons, Anubhav and Avishkar. Reading biographies, listening to music in Hindi language, watching action-thriller movies and travelling are the favourite hobbies of Singhvi. He has been noted for his association with media with his skills for expression and communication. It wasn’t easy for any media person to trap Singhvi in media discussions as he clearly articulated his speeches and sermons through deep thoughts and expressions.

Abhishek Singhvi Political Career

At the age of 37, Abhishek Singhvi started in his political career as the Additional Solicitor General of India from 1997 to 1998. He was the youngest person to hold this position. In 2001 he got elected as the National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress. In 2007 April, he got elected to the Rajya Sabha. From August 2006 to May 2009 he was a Member in the Joint Committee on Offices of Profit Member to examine the Constitutional and Legal position relating to Office of Profit Member and Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Urban Development. He was also a member in the Committee of Privileges from Sept 2006 to Sept 2010. From August 2009 to July 2011 he served as the Member of Committee on Personnel in Public Grievances, Law and Justice Department.

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During his post of the spokesperson and chairman of the standing committee of justice, Singhvi faced controversies over a tape that allegedly featuring him with another woman in a compromising position was circulated. Singhvi was asked to resign from both the post as the spokesperson and chairman of the standing committee of justice. The trail didn’t last too long as the author of the tape confessed that the content was morphed to defame Singhvi. Singhvi faced another controversy in 2014 when he was fined 570 million INR by the Income Tax Settlement Commission for not being able to submit documents for claiming the expenditure for running his office.

Singhvi was invited for a lecture on Federalism in Nepal in 2007 on the occasion of country’s Constitution formation. The lecture he made got published in the prestigious IIPA journal and also won the prize for the best essay. He delivered the Rajiv Gandhi lecture in 2011 on “Parliamentary Democracy” at the prestigious Indian Institute of Public Administration and the Nehru Memorial Lecture on “Institutional Foundations of Indian Democracy” in the same year at the India Centre at Cardiff, Wales in the UK. Singhvi found time to attend in electronic reports channels and also contributed his views to the print media. His consistent association with the news media brought him great attention on a national level. Singhvi’s political views have been regarded as an attractive source to the dynamic, urban privileged and influential class of the society.

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In 1999, Singhvi received the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award in the account of his active role in inspiring youngsters. The lecture delivered by Singhvi at Justice MC Chagla Memorial Lecture at Mumbai Univesity in 2007 and the George Washington University lecture in 2009 has got published in many reputed academic journals in India and USA. His take on the Lokpal bill is clear with a statement he made “You are creating a breeding ground for corruption. You are making a body outside the whole system, with an inherent conflict of interest. Our conception is of checks and balances.” He always had a strong viewpoint that people are always born with a silver spoon. People who get rejected by society are those who do not take any effort to prove themselves in their own choice of career.

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