Defence plays a significant role in every country. Hence, every nation attempts to invest its half of the budget in Defence. Therefore, joint military exercises keep on taking place with different countries to benefit the participating nation.

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India is considered as the 4th tenacious nation around the globe.

When the army of the country uses its resources to explore and train the soldiers, it is called military exercise. India always tries to maintain this strengthened position in the world and keep a governance between three military forces of India which are Army, Navy and Air Force.

A Joint Military Training programme named Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2019 was being conducted by India and the United States as part of the ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation. This training was being regulated at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, USA from September 5th to September 18. One of the biggest joint military training and defense corporation ventures between India and USA is Exercise Yudh Abhyas. This joint exercise is the 15th version which was hosted periodically between the two nations. It gives a chance to the armed forces of both the nations to train each other in a unified manner at the Battalion level with joint planning at the contingent level. To meet with any startling eventuality across the world, these joint exercises help the battalion to understand each other’s contending strategy and organisational structure. Lots of joint exercises help them to upgrade their skills.

To offset the menace of diverse categories, both contingents are collectively planning, training and implementing series of full-fledged affairs. These joint exercises were being attempted by both the nations in an operational setting under a UN authority.

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A Joint Military Exercise among India and Japan was slated to be held on October 19 in which the exercise includes battalion-level joint coaching on rebellion operations in the jungle and urban scenario. This exercise, known as Dharma Guardian, had taken place at the Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School Vairengte in Mizoram for 15 days from October 19th to November 2nd, 2019. Indian Army and JGSDF (Japanese Ground Self Defence Forces) detachments, including 25 commandos engaged in the joint exercise to share experience earned during several rebellion operations. This practice is an annual training affair being taken place in India since 2018. Dharma Guardian exercise of India with Japan is pivotal and worth of attention in terms of safety demands encountered by both the countries in the scenery of global terrorism. According to the release, this is one of the best military training exercises done by India with several countries.

The level of defence cooperation will be embellished among the two contingents with the help of this exercise.

A Joint Military Drill between Indian and French armies was executed in Rajasthan from October 31st to November 13th, 2019. Defence Spokesperson Col. Sombit Ghosh told that the joint military exercise called ‘Exercise Shakti 2019’ by Indian and French contingents concentrated on joint counter-terrorism operations in the backdrop of semi-desert region under the United Nations authorisation. This exercise took place in the Mahajan field firing range in Rajasthan for 14 days, as per the officials. The Indian Army was portrayed by a detachment of the Sikh Regiment of south western command while French Army delegation was portrayed by contingents of 21st Marine Infantry Regiment of the 6th Shielded Brigade. According to Colonel Ghosh, the French contingents reached in India on 26th October for the joint exercise.

This exercise was conducted at foreign training node at the Mahajan field firing range in western area of Rajasthan. Ghosh told that this exercise will put the spotlight on division of acquiring skill in sharing coaching at strategic level, high degree of physical fitness and the study of best practices from each other.

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This joint military exercise targets on intensifying comprehension, interoperability and collaboration amongst the two battalions of India and France.

This was a 36-hour long exercise which included counter attack of thugs in a village hide out, he said.

The Indian Army was described by 45 staff excelled in mountain warfare from the 8th Gorkha Rifles, while the French battalion was portrayed by the 5th company of the 2nd Infantry Marine Regiment.

The key military exercise was pursued by the counter terrorism joint practice Shakti-2016 in Rajasthan, India. These different joint military practices are surely going to strengthen the bond between the participating nations.

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