The self-styled god woman, Radhe Maa celebrated her 55th birthday this year on April 4. Radhe Maa, who presents herself as an incarnation of Goddess Durga, has been involved with families in Mukeria, Punjab, Mumbai, Delhi, Haryana and abroad.

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Radhe Maa Biography

Radhe Maa was born as Sukhvinder Kaur in Dorangala village, Gurdaspur district in Punjab, but her home town is Mumbai, Maharashtra. She dropped her school after 4th Standard. She was inclined towards spirituality from her young age. She was said to be drawn to spirituality from her childhood days and would spend most of the time at the Maa Kali temple in her village. She was introduced to spirituality by Ramdeen Das in 1988. As she conducted Satsang in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, her devotees started to address her as the incarnation of Maa Durga. As the local Hindu organisations objected, she apologised and relocated from Hoshiarpur to Mumbai.

Radhe Maa used to regularly travel between Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala in Punjab to attend satsangs during her early days in Mumbai. She started helping the needy with money to attract more followers in Mumbai. She has many celebrities including Bollywood and television actors, who are her devotees. The reality star Dolly Bindra is one of her devotees, who was convinced that she had magical powers. The popular Bollywood director Subhash Ghai has also visited Radhe Maa to take her blessings.

Radhe Maa converted two disciples, Talli Baba and Chotti Maa, who are often referred to as her right and left hand. Radhe Maa, on behalf of the Singh community, established Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust in Mumbai, for helping poor and underprivileged people. She urges her followers to take part in Jeev Seva initiatives by donation blood, clothes, food, books and medicines to orphanages, old age homes and sadhus. She donated utensils worth 2 million INR to Golden Temple in 2018. She has been actively encouraging women empowerment and social welfare.

Many of her followers believe that she is a reincarnation of goddess Durga and her coterie includes ‘Chhoti Ma’ and ‘Talli Baba’. Like many other godmen of modern times, Radhe Maa also has a feedback section on her website on which devotees wrote impressive stories of how she transformed their lives. One of her disciples has written that she gave him Rs 10,000 to commute to work for a month and also made his ‘vague chest pain’ disappear by placing her hand on his head.

Radhe Maa Controversy

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Radhe Maa has caused many controversies in her personal and spiritual life. She faced allegations in 2014 that she caused the suicide of a family of 7 members in Gujarat. The family had spent millions of money on Radhe Maa and didn’t get any returns. In 2015, she was denounced for hurting religious sentiments by appearing in a western outfit and declaring herself as an incarnation of Hindu goddess Durga. In 2014, actress Dolly Bindra accused that Radhe Maa organised sex parties regularly and that she has been assaulted by Radhe’s followers.

In 2015, Niki Gupta, a close relative of Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust’s trustee Mr Gupta alleged that her husband and his family abused her for dowry upon Radhe Maa’s command. On 28 April 2017, The Bombay High Court directed Borivali Police to record the statement by Niki. Radhe Maa has also an obscenity complaint which was also filed against her for allowing devotees to kiss and carry her. On 28 September 2017, Maa was again in controversy as a picture went viral in which she was seated on the chair of the Station House Officer (SHO) Sanjay Sharma of Vivek Vihar Police Station, New Delhi with Sanjay standing next to her. Sanjay Sharma along with ASI Braj Bhushan was suspended from the service due to the case. Gaurav Gulati, a local lawyer filed a police complaint demanding legal action against Radhe Maa for spoiling the credibility of Delhi Police. In August 2015, the picture of Radha Maa dressed in a garish pink/red skirt and a cap went viral on the Internet. The pictures were allegedly taken in Dubai brought her into huge controversy and celebrities like Rahul Pramod Mahajan, Vishal Dadlani and Abhijit Majumder tweeted on it. Radhe Maa has been banned from attending the Nashik Kumbh Mela on August 29, 2015, by the Dwarkapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanand. Mahant Gyandas, who also claims to be the president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad.

Radhe Maa Personal Life

Radhe Maa is married to Mohan Singh. They have three children. Before becoming Radhe Maa, she used to stitch clothes to help her husband Mohan Singh, who ran a sweet shop in Mukerian, Punjab. In the 1990s her husband moved to the Middle East for a job with more earnings because of which she joined the Paramhans Dera. Radhe Maa’s favourite hobby is dancing. Her favourite actress is Sunny Leone and her favourite colour is red. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

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