e-Cigarette Ban Ordinance

The need of e-Cigarette Ban Ordinance triggered after the demise of two adolescents in the U.S., one in June and another in August. They were in the practice of Vaping which is described as the process of inhaling and exhaling the tiny puffs or cloud of vapours produced by an electronic cigarette or similar mod con like hookahs. In the opinions of experts, the only draft ordinance cannot be a crackdown for the users of e-Cigarettes but a complete blanket ban needs to be promulgated. According to the current analysis by Delhi-based NGO Consumer Voice, there are more than 36 e-Cigarette companies that have been operating in India without any permission of the legal bodies.

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Whilst most of the e-Cigarette enterprises are trying to popularise their electronic gadgets as a cessation tool to drop out the traditional cigarettes, several other countries like Mauritius, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and Thailand have banned these devices. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman proclaimed that the Union Cabinet has validated the e-Cigarette ban Ordinance in the country. Following this recommendation of experts, manufacturing, transport, sale, import, export, advertising, distribution and storage to e-Cigarettes are now prohibited. Rs.50,000 will be charged as a penalty and imprisonment of six months or both if anybody found with the cache of e-Cigarettes. There are more than 400 brands of e-Cigarettes which are not produced in India and come in over 150 flavours.

Once the ordinance is furnished, any solitary in the possession of e-Cigarettes stocks need to announce and submit it to the nearest police station. Cigarette stocks soared high on the stock market suddenly after Nirmala Sitharaman’s declaration. The E-cigarettes ban is contradictory and eccentric, as per the trade body. But many blue-ribbons, the cause of e-cigarettes in India says that this will seal all the secured ways for 11 crore Indian smokers.

As per the reports, the US city of San Francisco, the primary production centre of E-cigarettes JUUL, outlawed the trade. 13 states in India have banned the e-Cigarettes and Odisha and Haryana are working out to follow the litigation. Dr. Sekhar Salkar, secretary-general of the Goa head-quartered National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE), told PTI that Ordinance is a big move in order to prevent the youth lives by the government. However, it will not work out well if there is no prearrangement to ban e-cigarettes in India since the e-cigarettes organisations will keep on operating illegally.

According to the World Health Organisation, Tobacco is the only legal drug that kills many of its users when used exactly as intended by its manufacturers.

Why e-Cigarette Ban

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are the most common form of e-cigarettes. There is a substantial increase in the number of youths and children under 10 years being seen vaping and unaware about the addiction and post effects of vaping, playing with their own lives. E-cigarettes fire up the liquid and give a taste of every flavour from bourbon to bubble gum and is sniffed by the youth and children who are pleased with the cloud of vapours produced by these devices and getting addicted to it which normally contains nicotine. Around 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke of the vapours are missing which can possibly be ruinous for the consumers. It is distressing that within a span of four to five years, there has been 900 percent increase in its users in the U.S. India has become the world’s second-largest consumer of tobacco products, killing approximate 9,00,000 people every year. Over 275 million people who are in the habit of consuming tobacco are more prone to health risks. It can also cause cancer to those who chew tobacco.

Now-a-days, Vaping has become a style quotient for the youth and children. Due to rise in the number of middle and high-class students of e-cigarettes, the White House has recently issued a statement in order to ban flavoured e-cigarettes except for tobacco-flavoured products. There are number of reasons to justify the ban on e-cigarettes by health ministry, in a press statement (without any information about why conventional cigarettes are not prohibited):

  • Big threat to Tobacco control efforts of our country
  • Obsessive nature of Nicotine
  • Security reasons of flavours in combination with nicotine
  • Less proofs to use e-cigarettes for effective tobacco cessation tool
  • Anticipated under Article 47 of the Constitution of India in the interest of public health
  • Obstacles in attaining objectives anticipated under Sustainable Development Goals, National Monitoring Framework for Prevention and Control of non-communicable diseases and National Health Policy, 2017

Having the good knowledge of aims to be achieved, how India’s Tobacco Control Efforts can be free from ultimatums if conventional cigarettes will always be available in the markets. Before this declaration, 15 states and 1 Union Territory has already banned prohibited e-cigarettes and nicotine devices in India. These states include, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Odisha, Nagaland, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Mizoram, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The emissions coming out of these devices contain some solutions which are considered as toxicants for the human bodies and can prove to be very hazardous.

The latest brands have started experimenting new designs in e—cigarettes like Pens, Whistles etc. apart from those older ones which used to come in the shape of Cigarettes, Cigars and Smoking Pipes. Tobacco farmers are widely impacted with the promulgated e-cigarette ban ordinance in India because this has only been their source of income or earning livelihood. Since the e-cigarettes work electronically with the help of battery voltage and circuit strength, these two components play an important role in the product’s ability to heat the solution. Powerful the voltage and circuits, the solution will fire up and vaporize faster, hence the effectiveness of the product will increase. Nicotine may function as a tumour promoter in our body and engaged in the biology of neurodegeneration and cancerous diseases.

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