Military Literature Festival pageant is an exclusive way of notifying the youth and populace about the country’s four-armed forces – the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.

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Punjab governor V.P.Singh Badnore opened the third version of annual Military Literature Festival at Lake Club, Chandigarh began from December 13-15. The literature festival welcomed many aristocratic from the combat zone and scholarly areas like serving and retired military officers, researchers, academicians, hundreds of school children, thinkers, writers, journalists and delegates from across the globe to put a light on the milestones of information related to defence and war issues of the country. The Punjab government, Chandigarh administration and Western Command Headquarters interjected their collective attempts to make this feast successful around the globe. The event witnessed nearly 50,000 audiences on its last day which gives a proof of its wide acceptance. 

V P Singh Badnore contemplated that India aims to become an unallied pioneer in the production of its aegis ammunitions. The 3,000 crore rupees defence ammunitions have already been made in India. MLF is an exclusive platform which can be utilised to enlighten the youngsters and scholars with the rich and remarkable history of the nation’s armed forces. The MLF pageant is a distinguished way of notifying the populace about the country’s four Armed forces namely, the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. The citizens were informed about their discipline, culture, their sacrifices and unique unity in diversity for the welfare of the nation.

V P Singh allured the defence manufacturers that the next year version of MLF should witness a defence and security exposition exhibiting domestic and international weapons systems and equipment. He lauded one of the panel discussions during the festival pointing on ‘Make in India’.

The Punjab attack sufferers were recalled affectionately and honoured for their sacrifices made for safeguarding the ‘temple of democracy’ on this day in 2001.

Many events were organised as a prologue to the Military Literature Festival which was encompassed with 22-panel discussions on strategic and military affairs, 20 book launches and discussions, 38 audiovisual presentations and documentaries, 48 motivational talks by decorated serving and veteran military personnel, photo and military memorabilia exhibitions and exhibition of military equipment. Many contests like golf tournament, ‘shotgun shooting’ competition, marathon, bird watching workshop, archery competition and a military carnival took place. All three days were occupied with Clarion Call theatre events encompassing audio-visual shows on ‘Josh’, ‘Jazbaa’ and ‘Junoon’ of being part of armed forces.

The legendary litterateur Sir Mark Tully, historian Pushpesh Pant, Ramon Magsaysay awardee Raveesh Kumar as well as for gallantry award winners and defence experts marked their esteemed presence at MLF extravaganza. The subjects shifting from military histories to war to current cybersecurity concerns were also observed at the event panel discussions. 

The commendation of the achievement of this benchmark event goes to the organising committee chairman Lt Gen T.S.Shergill; Festival director Mandeep Singh Bajwa; and coordinator Major R.S.Virk.

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Reason for Celebrating Military Literature Festival

The primary goal of commemorating Military Literature Festival is to laud and memorialise the atonement and illustrious heroism of our commandos and genealogy served for our nation. 

While Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh floated his latest novel on 8th April 2017 – Saragarhi and the Defence of the Samana Forts: The 36th Sikhs in the Tirah Campaign 1897-98, Punjab governor V.P.Singh Badnore came up with the intention of the standard military event in Chandigarh noting the big occupancy of military veterans. The concept of Military Literature Festival to take place annually in Chandigarh was introduced to spread awareness of strategic and military affairs amongst youth and populace of the country.

As the land of Punjab has carried the impacts of cold-blooded trespassers, acknowledging the concept of V.P.Singh Badnore, Captain Amarinder Singh declared the first version of Military Literature Festival on Infantry Day, 27th October which was the first day when Sikh touched down at Srinagar in 1947 to protect the Valley. 

Most of the books on Indian strategic and military affairs were written by the foreign scholars which might change the scenario after attending the Military Literature Festival. A big mass of independent scholars, both foreign and Indian marked their presence at the festival by rational give and take in the panel discussions. 

Much insightful public was enquiring about the prevailing fantasies and tales on past and current strategic or military affairs famous in India. The knowledgeable public put all kinds of queries in front of the panellists and the moderators did a remarkable job. 

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