Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students at the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020’ annual event held in Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi on Monday, 20th January 2020. Only students were allowed to ask questions from the PM in the third edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’.

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A total of 2,000 students and teachers attended the event, of which 1,050 students were selected through an essay competition.

Pariksha Par Charcha Top 10 Highlights 

Here are the top 10 valuable tips the Prime Minister shared with the students who will appear in board examination this year.

Know how to Manage Time and Mood 

As a student at Pariksha Par Charcha 2020 asks how to maintain mood while studying for boards, PM Modi answered, saying, “We first need to understand why our mood gets off”.

When students’ parents ask them to study and follow the time table, they tend to keep track of the time. Therefore, managing the mind and mood is done by self-control, he advised.

Interact with Children in a Friendly Manner

PM Modi started his interaction by stating that he can interface with students without any filter. He said, “The difference between me and your parents is I can interact with students in a friendly manner.”

Marks are Not Everything

PM Narendra Modi advises parents to not pressurise students about exams and entrances as the world is full of opportunities and they should not restrict their children only to school examinations.

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Every Failure is a Step towards Success 

While answering students’ queries, PM Narendra Modi says, “When I went to attend the launch of Chandrayaan 2. I was restless about the failure of the Chandrayaan 2, so I met the scientists to motivate them the next morning.” He added, “Every failure is a step towards success.”

Have a ‘Technology Free-Hour’

As students are fearful about the growing use of technology and its shortcomings, PM Modi explained how to use gadgets efficiently. He said, “Save yourself from getting exploited by technology. Do not let technology rule you, rather, rule the technology.” He also urged students to have a ‘technology-free hour’ and parents to let children pursue extra-curricular activities that they like.

Do Your Duties Sincerely

When students asked about practising their rights and duties, PM Modi, said, “If we do our duties genuinely, then there is no need to ask for our rights.” He advised, “Students should see what they can do right now in favour of their country which can benefit them and the country in future.”

Do Not Pressure Your Child 

Students generally suffer depression due to ongoing cut-throat competition in this age and time. A few students asked how to overcome depression these days. To this, he said, “Always encourage your children to take challenges in life.” Further, he said, “Pursue, do not pressure your children.” He also gave an example of spring, which can lose its original capacity, and hence be of no use. Therefore, parents should avoid putting pressure on children.

Read ‘Exam Warriors’

PM Modi has requested all the students to read his book ‘Exam Warriors’ to get more tips to attain success in board exams 2020. PM Modi has urged students to read the book twice in the next two days as it will help them with all their questions.

Stay Focused On What You Have to Do

“The more stress you take in with you in the exam hall, the more difficult it will get. The more self-confidence you walk in with, the easier it will be for all of you,” said PM Modi. He added, “Stay focused at what you have to do and you will have clarity in your mind,” he added.

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We Should Dream Of ‘Doing Something’

“The stress is not due to exams but related to the ambition of becoming something. You think that if you fail the exam, you’d fail to become that. It is this tension. We should never dream about becoming something rather we should dream of doing something,” said PM Modi.

(Source: IndiaToday)

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