Every year Minorities Rights Day is commemorated in India on 18th December in furtherance of safeguarding, promoting and preserving the rights of minority communities having a place with ethnic, religious, class, racial, linguistic, cultural, castes and colour minority. Minority Rights are also applicable to the individual rights of anyone who is not a part of a particular majority. 

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What are Minority Rights?

Minority Rights are the normal individual rights granted by the Indian Constitution to all citizens and embrace various proposals to protect the privileges of the minorities. It looks after the people discriminated economically or who are socially impoverished despite their caste, cultural, racism and community along with the people belonging to scheduled tribes and scheduled castes.

The Constitution of India has taken a vow to assure the security and well-being of Minority Communities. It is also applied to the members of the gender or sexual minorities. 

History of Minorities Rights Day

The international legislation was passed with the League of Nations due to the susceptible condition of the Minority communities to other groups in the society. These minority communities have been granted the freedom of conscience and to profess, promote and promulgate their religion. 

Each year, the National Commission of Minorities celebrates Minorities Rights Day in India on December 18. This day is fought for the normal individual rights of religious harmony, respect and a better understanding of all minority communities. 

United Nations endorsed and announced the Statement on Individual’s Rights applicable to the members of racial, religious or linguistic, national or ethnic minorities on 18th December 1992. A National Commission for Minorities was formed under the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. Almost every member of this Minorities Commission including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman participates in the Minorities Rights Day in India.

The United Nations promulgated that it is the responsibility of the State Government to upgrade the conditions and propagate the awareness about national, linguistic, cultural and religious identity amidst the people. It also stated that the national, linguistic, and religious identity of the minorities shall be honoured, preserved and safeguarded by the states and within individual territories.

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The National Commission for Minorities announced a special affair for minorities on Minorities Rights Day in 2012. This disclosure concentrated on the jobs, responsibilities and exercises of the third constitutional commission belonging to the National Commission for Minorities. 

The pinnacle body in Union government, the Ministry of Minority Affairs was formed on 29th January 2006 for several developmental, regulatory and prosperity programmes of the minority communities.

Why is Minorities Rights Day celebrated?

This is a symbolic and critical day which is intended to uplift and protect the minority communities.

The declaration on the rights of various minorities was announced by the United Nations to intimidate the countries for the prejudice amongst people across the globe on grounds of their religion, culture, language, nationality, racism or ethnicity. The minorities in India include Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists who comprise about 19% of the total population. The majority of the informed minorities are established in six Indian states – Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Lakshadweep.

The prime objective of celebrating this day worldwide is to spread awareness of human and fundamental rights applied to the minority groups. On this particular day, each state in India focuses on the prevalent issues identified with the minorities and ensures safety inside their region.

This day observes many seminars, campaigns and events to spread awareness about the minority schemes of the government. This gives a boost to the minority group to lead their life without any fear and discrimination. They can also contribute to building the nation. It spreads camaraderie, brotherhood and removes hatred amidst all religions of the nation. The Ministry of Minority Affairs centres on issues like unemployment and education facilities of the minority communities.

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It gives proof that India is ‘Unity in diversity’. People from different cultures stay united under one umbrella with religious harmony and peace. Minorities Rights Day is celebrated to keep a vigil for uplifting the conditions of the depressed class. This grants an opportunity to the minorities to go ahead on the path of progress. The National Commission for Minorities organises several socio-economic and educational development programmes and reports the Union Government about the adversity faced by the minority groups. 

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