A Robust Rajasthan: Vision of Rajasthan’s CM Ashok Gehlot

A drive called ‘Nirogi Rajasthan’ run by Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was launched in Jaipur on the occasion of the first anniversary of the State Government of Rajasthan on Tuesday, December 17th. The State Government has created a history by regulating this drive of ensuring good health of each and every person of Rajasthan.

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The government will make this drive lucrative from door-to-door movement across the villages in Rajasthan with the help of common man and information technologies. Lots of efforts are involved in spreading awareness for the prevention of diseases by deploying a male and a female as a ‘Swasthya Mitra’ in every village. There are nearly 42,000 villages in the state of Rajasthan and therefore the number of ‘swasthya mitras’ would be around 1 lakh. A Swasthya Mela will also be conducted for healthy persons to make them realise the responsibility of making Rajasthan ‘Nirogi’(healthy). This drive will be taken to every home of the suburbs to make people aware about the preventive measures so that they can protect themselves from lifestyle-related diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, hypertension, cancer and others. 

Jan Adhar cards were also shared with five women under the ‘Jan Adhar Scheme’ for effective implementation of ‘One Number, One Card, One Identity’. The objective of launching this scheme was to assure easy, accessible and transparent delivery of several projects to the people. 

The drive is proposed to make people attentive related to their health woes so that they can take preventive measures.

The two essential elements of this drive are a committed website and a call centre to propagate the information on health issues. This will be an interactive website where people can post their queries and solicit expert advice. The website will deliver all the essential facts related to several diseases.

Likewise, a call centre will also be established where people can take up their health issues and will bob for a piece of advice from experts. 

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Aim of Nirogi Rajasthan Campaign Launch

The main objective of this drive is good care of elderly people, women and adolescents, kids and spreading awareness of various communicable and non-communicable diseases, population control, old-age health problems, drug addiction and vaccination. Preventive healthcare, lifestyle problems and diseases caused by environmental pollution are also the major focus areas of the drive. Lots of endeavours are put in to make the masses aware of how to prevent various diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

A big number of public participation will be permitted for successful execution of the drive.

During the previous term of Chief Minister, Free Medicine and Free Diagnostic Test Schemes were floated for everyone in 2011. By increasing the number of medicines and the number of tests available to the patients, the scope of both the schemes has been increased.

E-cigarette and hookah bars are banned by the government to protect youth from such addictions. And, because of the innovations and decisions taken by the state government, Rajasthan will shortly be a pioneer in the area of health and will be an emerging healthy state amongst other states of the nation. This program will be lucrative only if the forest and environment, women and child development, food, education, home, sports and youth affairs, higher and technical education departments will collectively participate in the program.

The drive ‘Nirogi Rajasthan Kaya’was projected on the directions of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot who reconsidered the development for the launch and passed the required instructions to the officials. 

The two health schemes Ayushman Bharat by the Centre and Bhamashah Health Scheme by the state in Rajasthan were unclear. Now, both the schemes have been amalgamated into one under Mahatma Gandhi Health Insurance Scheme. All beneficiaries will be granted Rs.5 lakh on hospitalisation instead of Rs.3 lakh previously in Bhamashah Health Scheme. Additional 10 lakh people are going to benefit from this scheme. 

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This drive is run to ensure that each person in the state stays healthy. S/he should know what all precautionary measures should be taken at the time of a particular disease and how this could be cured.

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