Kazakhstan Bek Air Flight 2100 which was carrying around 100 passengers smashed into a two-storeyed building near the residential area during take-off from Almaty airport on 27th December 2019. The domestic traveller aircraft operated by Fokker 100 is known as the low-priced flight in Kazakhstan.

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This mishap has proved to be a nightmare for the survivors who thanked the almighty for granting them a new life on this earth again. 

The budget carrier aircraft was slated to take off from Almaty, the country’s largest city to the capital Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan. The aircraft lost its altitude during the take-off in frost-bound and murky Almaty on 27th December 2019 at approximately 7:22 a.m. local time. According to the Almaty airport authority, it passed through a conglomerated barricade before slamming into a small two-storeyed building in a residential area. As per the data provided by Flight radar 24, it immediately smashed 19 seconds after the take-off. Nearly 85 adults, five children, three infants and 5 crew members were on board at the time of the crash. 67 passengers were injured out of which 17 were in extremely critical condition and 12 passengers including the captain succumbed to this disaster. All the injured were taken to the hospitals. Blood donations were called by the officials to help the survivors.  

Kazakhstan president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced 28th December as a national day of bereavement posterior to the Bek Air Flight 2100 splashdown.

The videos and images showed that the impaired plane was fragmented into pieces with its nose entrenched in partially-collapsed house. There was a huge breakage in the main fuselage and the tail at the rear was also broken due to the collision with tarmac. 

According to the weather conditions, there was a thick fog in the runway area at the time of taking off and the temperature was -9C (15.8F), with very little wind. 

Although a big number of questions are being raised in concern of airline safety in Kazakhstan, the country has been conferred an award by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) in October for ‘progress in resolving aviation security and oversight deficiencies’. According to ICAO, the extensive work in aviation security development has been done by the country’s aviation service.

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The president of Kazakhstan has guaranteed the families of the victims to administer the compensation of 4m tenge and tweeted that those responsible ‘will be sternly penalised in accordance with the legislation’. 

A full analysis and safety inspections at all the country’s airlines have been guaranteed by the government. According to the sources, the crash might have taken place due to the equipment failure or pilot mistake. 

In a telephonic conversation with one of the survivors, businessman Aslan Nazarliev stated that the right and left wings shook very hard during the take-off. The aircraft was swinging like a boat. The passengers who tried to step out on the wings were slipped because of the ice on the wings. At that time, the visibility was 1,000 metres with thick fog close to the scene. 

As Bek Air operates a fleet of Fokker 100 jets, the aviation committee has deferred all the flights of that kind of aircraft in order to investigate. The government commission was also established to investigate the circumstances surrounding the catastrophe.

Kazakhstan Plane Crash History

Last year, 2019 has observed a significant decrease in aviation deaths around the world, from more than 1,000 deaths worldwide as recently as 2005. It was one of the safest years ever for commercial aviation in 74 years of history. 

The last significant fatal aviation accident of 2019 took place on 27th December when 12 passengers including captain on board a budget carrier Bek Air flight were bloodshed in Kazakhstan crash. 

It is the carcinogenic crash in the history of Kazakhstan since 2013 when a Bombardier CRJ200 operated by SCAT airlines crashed on approach to Almaty airport, blood shedding all the passengers on-board. 

The deadliest crash came on Christmas Day 2012 in Kazakhstan when an Antonov An-72-100 operated by the country’s military smashed near the city of Shymkent, slaughtering 27 on-board, including top members of the border guard service. 

The mid-air collision occurred between the Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 and Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 on 12th November 1996 which is said to be the worst aviation disaster of its kind to date. It took place in Charkhi Dadri village to the west of New Delhi. Posterior to the departure of Saudi Flight from New Delhi, this mishap occurred, while the Kazakhstan flight was preparing for its arrival. The flight paths crossed because of the bad English communication skills of the Kazakhstan pilots and the absence of secondary surveillance radar at Indira Gandhi International Airport, the pilots were incapable to ward off the crash. All 349 passengers on-board both the flights succumbed to the catastrophe.

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28th December has been announced as a National Day of bereavement by the Kazakhstan president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev after the deadliest crash.

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