Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union took out a march from the university on Monday to revolt against the increase in hostel fees. They were routing towards Parliament to seek support for the cause. Hence, section 144 was enforced near the Parliament ahead of the demonstration march by Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union. 

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JNUSU Protest March Agenda

On the first day of Winter session, the hundreds of students were assembled to march towards Parliament for the total cutback in their fees lift. Scholars of the JNUSU massed in front of the Jawaharlal University campus to voice their urge to the MPs against the increase in hostel fees. The scholars were carrying placards and reciting the slogans to make their point clear to the officials. After the march en-routed towards the Parliament, there was apprehensive tussle held between the Delhi Police and the revolting JNU students stopped on Ber Sarai road. This walk-out continued on Tuesday which led to the big brawl again amongst the JNUites and Delhi Police Officials impairing around 15 scholars and a visually handicapped scholar. The accusations by students put against the Delhi Police for baton-charge have been turned down by them.

 To deal with the on-going scenario of a massive brawl against fee lift, over 1200 Police personnel were redistributed at all the entries leading to the parliament. Tight security was ensured outside the JNU campus in Delhi ahead of scholar’s protest march. Most of the traffic on roads towards the parliament were also blocked on both days. The JNU Teacher’s Association has also revealed their interest over this. The protesters caused major traffic and road disruptions due to which the metro rail services were also hindered but now the cops have been able to smoothen the traffic.

To head off the situation, the top brass of Delhi Police attempted to set up a discussion with them and advised them to not take law in their hands. Later, the cops apprehended the hundreds of scholars along with the JNUSU chief who were engaged in the protest. But they were released after the high turmoil of one day in the national capital. Posterior to this, the disconcerted scholars returned to their campus.

Citing the apprehensive situation in Delhi, the JNU Officials braced to meet Human Resource Development Secretary to advise techniques to reestablish normal operation of the varsity.  

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Even after the announcement of the half cutback in the hostel fees on last Wednesday, the JNUSU scholars kept on revolting in the administrative block of the university from the past three weeks. They confronted the restriction in the fees.

The JNUSU scholars called the cutback a ‘baloney’.

The Education Secretary R Subrahmanyam said that it’s the time to get back to your classes as the blueprint of the financial benefit to the EWS students has already been proposed. JNU Executive Committee has also declared a ‘major cutback’ in the hostel fee and other obligations. 

The executive committee will begin the communication with the JNUSU scholars and varsity administration shortly and present the proposition on actions to be taken. Mr Subrahmanyam told that the assistance needed for the operation of the committee will be provided by the UGC.

JNU vice-chancellor Jagdish Kumar announced a video message on varsity’s website saying that he has been receiving e-mails and messages from the anxious guardians and students about the position in the university which is affecting scholastic activities. He asked protesting scholars to rejoin their classes immediately.

The rent of a double room in university was boosted from Rs.10 to Rs. 600 per month, single room from Rs. 20 to Rs. 600 per month and one-time refundable mess security down payment from Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 12,000. However, the fee was partly cutback. Presently, the room tariff for a single-seater room has been fixed at Rs.600 per month, while it will be Rs. 300 for the students who fall in the BPL (below poverty line) category. The room rent fixed for double seater room is Rs. 300 per month for everyone while it is Rs.150 for the scholars from the BPL category correspondingly.

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According to a JNUSU scholar, this protest march was held to save the public education and a plead to the MPs in the parliament to dive in the cause. As of now, the apprehension in JNUSU scholars has calmed down but this can trigger again if any decision which is not apt for the scholars is taken.

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