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Aseem Trivedi Biography

A Nationally recognised Indian political cartoonist and activist, Aseem Trivedi turned 33 on February 17 this year. He is acclaimed for his anti-corruption campaign ‘Cartoons Against Corruption’. He started a drive named ‘Save Your Voice’ against internet suppression in India. He is known as an author, trainer, motivator and consultant for Auditing standards, Accounting standards, IFRS, Ind AS, Company Law, Economic Laws, Commercial Laws and Security Laws and Insolvency Laws. He has also set up a publishing house in 2002 with the name of ‘Highbrow Mentor’ which prints books for Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries. He has imparted numerous learning solutions to resource persons of several leading corporate houses and also delivered 250 lectures on ICAI platform on related subjects. He has always been a part of the controversies because of sharing offensive messages. 

Aseem Trivedi was born and brought up in Shuklaganj at Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh state in India on February 17, 1987. His father Ashok Trivedi backed him throughout his cartoon-based anti-corruption protest. His grandfather Reva Shankar Trivedi was also a mercenary who went to jail during the independence struggle. He went to Saraswati Vidya Mandir School for his primary education. He displayed his deep interest in art and drawing during his childhood and worked with several Kanpur based newspapers until the age of 20. Later in 2010, Aseem instigated his career as a freelance cartoonist at the age of 22 and also worked with several Hindi language newspapers and magazines.

Aseem Trivedi Life

Aseem became a dubious figure nationwide because of his alliance with the anti-corruption movement ‘India Against Corruption’. He supported this movement with cartoon-based campaign ‘Cartoons Against Corruption’. He introduced his website named www.cartoonsagainstcorruption.com to back the drive and presented his sharp anti-corruption cartoons targeting corrupt systems and politicos in the MMRDA ground, Mumbai during the hunger protest of Anna Hazare. When he was protesting through his political cartoons, Crime Branch of Mumbai outlawed his website for portraying ‘slanderous and disparaging cartoons’ in December 2011. This ban became a hot topic of argument over freedom of expression in India. Later, he started posting his defamatory cartoons on a new blog. 

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After his website eliminated, Aseem instigated ‘Save Your Voice’, a drive for internet freedom along with his comrade Alok Dixit. As he commenced creative demonstration in several cities, this drive started a controversy over internet freedom in India. This drive was aimed at the oppressive guidelines framed under the Information Technology Act. Both of them went on fast for internet freedom at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and were hospitalised due to their hunger strike. The goal of this hunger strike was to appeal political parties to back the reversal motion against the Intermediary Guideline Rules of the Information Technology Act 2011 of India. 

His cartoons as a spoof of national emblem and Parliament initiated several squabbles. A cartoon came with the title ‘Gang Rape of Mother India’ was also a part of the debate. He was accused of sedition IPC 124A, Section 66A of IT act and National Emblem Act 1971 for degrading national emblem, flag, Parliament and constitution through his cartoons. He displayed India’s national symbol with four wolves replacing four lions and the words Bhrashtameva Jayate (only corruption wins) instead of Satyameve Jayate, replaced national slogan ‘truth shall prevail’ by ‘corruption shall prevail’ and Parliament was portrayed as the ‘national toilet’. He outlined a woman being abused by bureaucrats and politicians and gave a caption ‘Gang Rape of Mother India’. A Mumbai based lawyer filed a case against him for ridiculing the national symbols. 

Mumbai Police took him into custody on 9th September 2012 on charges of insurrection due to the content of his work. His arrest mounted the nationwide demonstration including IAC’s prime mover Arvind Kejriwal who declared his arrest as the over-reaction of the state. Eventually, the controversial cartoonist was freed by the court with the help of a lawyer. He paid a personal bond of Rs.5,000 based on independent petition soliciting to eliminate the accusation charges against him. 

Aseem Trivedi’s Facebook page is flooded with a cartoon of Parliament building and an Oscar award next to it. His endeavours include portraying India in 2050 with a caption saying ‘Oscar to Indian Parliament for 100 years of acting in real-life’. It’s all about Anna Hazare and India Against Corruption.

Aseem is an ex-participant of a Color TV reality show Big Boss Season 6 and was evicted on 27th day. 

Virginia based Cartoonists Rights Network International bestowed him with the Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award for 2012. He shared this accolade with Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat. Trivedi was honoured with ‘Cartoonist of the Year 2015’ award by Indian Affairs established by Satya Brahma in its 6th Annual India Leadership Conclave 2015. UK based group Index on Censorship nominated him for the ‘Freedom of Expression Awards 2013’ in Arts category. 

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