What happened in Jamia?

Scholars demonstrating against CAA and NRC in Bengaluru on 30th January were jeopardised by two men who threatened that the city would observe a rerun of the shooting at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi. They also called out pro-CAA slogans.

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A troop of anti-CAA demonstrators were fired by a 17-year-old adolescent’s pistol at Jamia, mutilating a scholar in his left forearm after yelling ‘Yeh Lo Aazadi’. He opened fire by his pistol during a protest against a controversial citizenship law in the Indian capital, Delhi. The injured student was taken to the hospital for treatment. Scholars and alumni from several colleges in Bengaluru assembled due to ensuing shooting in Jamia and urged the resignation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP MP Anurag Thakur, Parvesh Verma and Kapil Mishra’s detainment for animosities. Slogans against the Citizenship Amendment Act were shouted by them. 

According to a scholar present at the protest site, two men united with the group of protesters were procrastinated to protest against the alleged attack by Police in varsity and suddenly started chanting pro-CAA slogans among the curtain-raiser of anti-CAA slogans. The twos unidentified personalities were disappeared immediately when they were noticed in the crowd. The drunk men returned and surrounded the area before threatening. The two were offending the demonstrators in Kannada and insisting to rerun the Jamia episode in Bengaluru.

They were chanting a jingle, ‘it’s not down down CAA but you people will go down just like Jamia’. 

The hoodlums also got their photos clicked with the protesters before vanishing from the site. With the joint efforts of the group of demonstrators and the Police personnel, the hoodlums were seized and detained.

The drunk men who are the bank employees were charged for causing public exasperation. Later, they were exonerated posterior to the student’s decision of not pressing charges against them.

Although firing inside educational institutes has not been a common episode in India, a gunman was detained by police outside the prestigious Jamia Millia Islamia University. A video is viral on the social media in which a man is trotting out a gun and questioning the protesting students if they really desired ‘freedom’ or ‘azadi’.

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According to Jamia Coordination Committee, two anonymous individuals started firing at Gate no. 5 of Jamia Millia Islamia University on 2nd February. A troop including scholars and alumni of the university declared in their statement that the assailants were on red scooty and one of them had put on a red jacket. But their recognition still remains enigmatic. This is the second occurrence of firing in the varsity in the preceding three days.

The injured student Shabad Farooq posted a statement on Facebook and said that it can be termed as a result of hyper-nationalism. He did not condemn Delhi Police solely but also blamed the Jamia administrator and vice-chancellor for this episode. The mass communication scholar, Shabad Farooq unfolded the whole event and told the reporters that a Gandhi March by Jamia Coordination committee was slated on 30th January at around 1:00 p.m. from Jamia varsity to the Rajghat. He was supposed to participate in this protest and was expecting the congregation to move forward when he identified a random person holding a pistol in his hand marching towards Holy Family Hospital. He tried making him quiet and the mass was continuously urging police to hold him back but the Police did not bother and went recording the videos. The assailant came in rage and fired on his arm.

Shadab Farooq said that what he did wasn’t an act of heroism as he did what he felt was right. 

Jamia V-C reached AIIMS trauma centre to enquire about the health of injured student Shabad Farooq. Jamia paid for the medical care of the injured student and rescheduled the exams for him. 

Beginning of Protest

The outcries against the Citizenship Amendment Act were escalated on 15th December afternoon when the buses were set on fire, the police lathi-charged protesters and purportedly flipped teargas shells at the Jamia Millia Islamia University library and arrested the scholars. Hundreds of students protested before the former police headquarters at ITO intersection the next day.

A peaceful march was scheduled to protest the new act which granted citizenship to Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain refugees who faced religious discrimination in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan entered the country on or before 31st December 2014.

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Nearly 2,000 students and local citizens participated in the march before the Jamia University from gate no. 7 up to Batla House and back. Many Jamia Nagar establishments were shut down due to the trending protest. The protestors marched towards the central Delhi with south Delhi, Faridabad and Mathura. Later, most of the students came back to the campus. There was big chaos among the protesters and violence was an endeavour to malign the demonstrators. The Police officials were called in the campus to control violence. 

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