The police personnel after a long duration of almost 11 hours finally ended their protests and at the same time have assured their officials about the calm and peaceful situation.

Mr. Satish Golcha- special commissioner of crime branch, in his special addressal to the protestors pleaded them to end such long stretched protest and that they should willingly resume their duties. Petition being filed against a review and shall surely be filed against Delhi court order.

An ex-gratia of some around R, 25000 shall be offered to the injured policemen stated by the senior officer in his situation.

The Centre showed its unhappiness over the violation of service and the code of conduct through the protest shown by the Delhi Police. This time the Centre has been in much trouble but usually it shows sympathy towards their issues.

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This view, which is basically emerging in the central government, in the wake of police protests after the clash between the lawyers and the police is that the Delhi Police leadership failed to live up to the expectation of the majority to control the situation, now as they have not lived up to the expectation of the majority of the people, it has added to shaken up the top brass of the force.

What went wrong?

These protests and all have surely made us understand one thing that there might be so many genuine issues that need to be addressed and at the same time should be escalated through a well-planned and established channel. We also have to ensure that we should not allow any force to act upon.
It is to understand that the police come under essential services; the duty of such personnel is basically or majorly as you say is to render their service irrespective of all such conditions. Police protect the law and hence they have the bigger onus. The concerned officials said that referring to similar protests staged in Uttar Pradesh by police in 1973, which were at the same time eventually curbed.

When police can stay for protests for such long hours, we, at this moment cannot expect lawyers to do the same as they are basically the officials of the court and have to maintain law and order of the same. At any point in time, they cannot think of creating a mob mentality.

Here this time it raises a possibility that strict actions could have been taken especially against those who basically violated the law and order of the nation and this entirely could be from the either side.

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The protests were mainly for the attacks on the colleagues of the policemen that happened shortly. There was a dispute that happened related to the parking issue which was between a lawyer and an on-duty policeman, Whereas, the lawyer came along with around 20 security personnel along with many advocates who all got injured in the incident.

Delhi Police vs Lawyers Controversy

The report through video that has been presented to the general public was that a lawyer was unethically dealing with a police officer and even hitting the on duty policeman on a motorcycle and then continuously slapping him outside the Saket district court.

Such incident was also reported on February 17, 1988 when Kiran Bedi had a face-off with lawyers and gave a complete support to the police officers, she literally throbbed at those lawyers who were protesting at Tis Hazari and did the handcuffing on the suspicion of theft. The reason for police to remember Kiran Bedi this time was for basically rooting out many such offensive issues with police departments.

During the major protest, it was also reported that Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik was booed by the constables after he had actually asked them to call off the agitation.

Talking to IANS, an ailing woman police constable who on the condition of an anonymity reported that Our Golf-1 Amulya Patnaik is altogether of no use. Had there actually been a Commissioner like Kiran Bedi we wouldn’t have at any situation taken to the streets to stage a protest.

Kiran Madam who used to pay heed to all the concerns of her sub-ordinates and most importantly even to the constables/hawaldars.”

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Amulya Patnaik couldn’t think to trouble himself and visit the hospital to see the injured cops and even Ms. Monika Bhardwaj couldn’t take the same trouble to visit and even Sanjay Singh-special commissioner of police didn’t even visit the injured cops in the hospital.

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